The People

The 4th Ward has provided shelter, education, community and independence for generations of people over the last 150 years of its history. During this time it has produced a number of accomplished citizens, but also many more good community members who might otherwise be unrecognized. The history of the 4th Ward is more about these individuals, working together to overcome the many obstacles of history and circumstance to build a life for their families. More important than grand buildings and institutions, even more important than the grand accomplishments of its leading citizens, the true legacy of the 4th Ward are the people who were raised up in its midst and who continue to share their insights and productivty with us to this day. This project will focus both on the leading citizens, and those who's memories and experiences make them keepers of the culture and history of this important part of Raleigh's history.

Historical Figures of the 4th Ward (people you may have heard of)

Prominent Citizens (people you may know) and Cultural Treasures (the people who know)
  • Carton Fellers
  • Everett Ward - Everett grew up in the 4th ward in the 60's and 70's
  • James A. and Eunice Y Joyner - James grew up in the 4th and Eunice attended school there -see the 8.25.2010 interview
  • Pearl Wilson Smith - Grew up in the Fourth Ward -August 2010 interview
  • Rosa Rand- Grew up in Fourth Ward during the late 50's until 2000's. Attended Washington Elementary School during segregation. Lived on Cannon St. when it was just a dirt road; later it was paved and became Dorothea Drive. Fourth Ward Ward later became known as Southside Community. Rosa is the daughter of the late Utah Rand and Maxine Rand: the granddaughter of Ivie Rand on the paternal side of her family.

Leads we are working on. We need to find out more about these folks, those that are living need to be interviewed
  • Charles Urban - ran printing press for African American newspaper. Has large archive of photos
  • The Cameron family - former residents of the 4th
  • James Minter - former resident 509 S. Saunders
  • Primrose Rogers Jackson - lived on Cannon St
  • Joanne James (maiden name Smart)- lived on S. Saunders