Notes and Resources

North Carolina Maps - view sandborn maps for 1880 to 1914 in detail

Vanished Raleigh by Mike Legeros - a small collection of historic Raleigh photos

Raleigh City Directories Dating from 1896 This is a fantastic resource

Bird's eye view of the city of Raleigh, North Carolina 1872. Drawn and published by C. Drie

Letter of Daniel R. Goodloe, to Hon. Charles Sumner, on the situation of affairs in North Carolina. Raleigh, N.C., May 7th, 1868.


in the 1897 directory,
316 W. Cabarrus is listed as a "Saloon" M W. Woodard
W. D. Brown, 121 W. Cabarrus, listed as "Motor Man - Electric Railway"
W. F. Debham, 214 W. Lenoir listed as a "Colored" " Justice of the Peace"
401 W. South St, Branch, DM
Corner of Dawson and South, James Baker and Co.
Attorney- John H. Branch, 719 S. Saunders St
Attorney-E.A. Johnson listed at 519 s. West St

1914 Directory
John H. Branch Listed as Washington School Prin.